Transcending  Strength

Transcending Strength

"Don't flex your muscles to show everyone your strength, support everyone and show them you're strong"

Is a quote I created during a workout and training session.  I was evaluating my workout from a mental, physical, and emotional perspective and just took a deeper evaluation how we look for acknowledgment in mostly everything we do.  From a fitness perspective, we flex our muscles in a mirror after we have had a workout to showcase our hard work and dedication to discipline our bodies.  We educate ourselves to discipline our minds.  We work on spiritual and emotional states in order to help balance our emotions.

Flexing "flex" in my quote is not singularly directed to a muscular physique.

We flex with our finances in showcasing our purchases to show status and or wealth.

We flex our education to showcase our intellectual status and accomplishments with associated letters before or after our names.

We flex our positions in society to showcase accomplishments, power and influence.

We flex these attributes to show our "strengths" less our failures and weaknesses.

In opposition with flexing our strength, I propose in my quote the importance of showing support for others actually shows you are strong!

Strong in mental, physical, emotional states, confidence in self, humility, and willingness to give and give back.   

This is what I believe is the most effective way to prove all of the "flexes" and show how strong you really are without saying a word. 

That, my friends, is the Ultimate Flex! 

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