I have always been a person who loves really nice watches.  The average watch price is $5k to over $100k.  Wearing watches has a level of prestige, yet it's a perceived prestige because anyone who knows watches knows the average cost a high end watch. 

Recently my wife purchased a wedding anniversary gift for me.  It was a watch,  a simple watch but the difference was it has ELITE LIFE AND FITNESS® branded logo as the face of the watch.  I know she did not pay the high price for the watches that I have or desire to own, but the value of this watch surpasses any watch I could ever own. 

The take home is that all the watches do the same thing: Show you the time! But when you wear an expensive watch you feel special to some degree and it says to others; I worked hard and deserve x, y, or z. 

Yet my branded watch valued under $100, it has so much value.   It says to me, you worked hard, you have been blessed with something special, wear it proudly because you are ELITE! 

This is my passion for you to wear IAEGear™. The brand that values you! When you wear our apparel you believe, think, and feel ELITE!  That you feel you are and are growing more to become the best version of you!

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